The plugin will show tooltips for various Symfony elements. Currently only routes are implemented.


XML Validation

The plugin validates your XML service definitions for missing classes. If a service class does not exist, you will see a warning in the line of its definition. Press Cmd+1 (Mac) or Ctrl+1 (Win/Linux) to show the quickFix proposals. If you select Create class the New PHP Class Wizard will show up with the pre-filled values of your new class.


New Symfony project

The first page of the New Symfony project will let you choose if you want to create the new project inside your workspace, or on your local server.

New Symfony eclipse wizard first page
Note: You need to configure at least 1 server on your Server preference page inside the PHP preferences including the path you your local webroot.

The wizard will also create a new debug/run configuration with the correct settings and paths, so you can debug your project using xdebug right away:

The second side of the Wizard will allow you to override the composer.json values of the Symfony-Standard-Edition:

New Symfony eclipse wizard second page

Import Symfony project

The Import Symfony project wizard will allow you to import existing Symfony projects into your workspace.

Import Symfony eclipse wizard first page

The wizard will automatically configure your buildpaths accordingly. It lets you configure the following elements:

Dumped container

The plugin needs to parse your dumped service container to provide codeassist. The wizard will try to detect the dumped container, but you can select a different one in the wizard.

Symfony console

The Symfony console script to use for executing Symfony commands.


The Services view provides an overview of all your Symfony services. You can switch between flat or bundle presentation and filter by all available service tags.


Insert route

Press Cmd+R (Mac) or Ctrl+R (Win/Linux) to open the route insertion dialog (also available via the main menu Source -> Insert Symfony route).

Insert Symfony route

Insert Service ID

Press Cmd+Shift+S (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+S (Win/Linux) to open the service insertion dialog (also available via the main menu Source -> Insert Symfony service ID).

Insert Symfony route

Insert container parameter

Press Cmd+Shift+P (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+P (Win/Linux) to open the parameter insertion dialog (also available via the main menu Source -> Insert Symfony container parameter).

Insert Symfony route

Note that these dialogs are available in any editor - e.g. for inserting service IDs inside your XML configuration.